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Ultimate Perfection Matchmaking helps customers find long-term relationships/marriage. We set men up with the world’s most beautiful women. We have worked hard to create a network of 10’s and 11’s that are interested in older men. Typically we set up women of ages 21-40 years old with men 50-80 years old.


Determine the physical & personality characteristics of a customer’s ideal match. This will include hair color, body type & age.


Once we have an understanding of your perfect match, we begin reaching out to women that fit your vision.


We continue matching you with great woman until you are able to find that very special lady, that woman who makes you truly happy.


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  • Incredibly beautiful ladies with all of the work being done for me, A+ service.

  • Immense value, I would never be able to locate women like this myself.

  • This is the perfect membership for someone wanting to meet the best women but with little time.

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